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Increasing the number of species of animals in our park is mainly done by exchange of foreign zoos. Baku Animal Park has been a member of the Association of Eurasian Regional Zoos and Aquariums since 1995. According to official reports, the Baku Animal Park was established on January 2, 1942. While examining the documents in the National Archive of the Republic, it has been established that various initiatives have been made for the establishment of such a park in Baku. In 1928, Lunacharski, former Baku, operated the same Nizami Park. At present, the Baku Animal Park includes more than 1193 animals, birds, reptiles and fishes of 168 species, including 193 mammals of 47 species, 400 head birds of 70 species, 34 species of reptiles, 2 species 562 fish belonging to 38 species belonging to fou
In addition to observing animals in the Baku Animal Park, there are various fun forms that make it even more interesting to relax in the park. Such fun forms include pony walking, various attractions. Conditions have been created for taking pictures of people on the trip, taking tea or c
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