Description and Contacts
Elegant perfume is a company that deals with perfume business. Starting from 2015, the perfume business has started selling online perfume since 2017. Elegant perfume has always been selected for products that are not competitive and high quality products. Our goal Our main goal is to fulfill our customers' desires at a high level and gain confidence. We can express our goal in three words: Trust Quality Quantity This is one of our key principles.   Our advantages   Exclusive & Restricted Fragrance Collections Renewed assortment of over 1000 different brands Best prices and affordable offers
Fast and convenient delivery (Baku delivery is free, delivery cost depends on distance from regions)

+994 70 276 66 10
Address:Avtovaqzal metro station.Baku, Azerbaijan Email:office@elegant.az /positivecard.info/elegant_parfum_evihttp://elegant.az